2016 Reading Challenges

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Challenge Accepted

So I am notoriously bad at Reading Challenges but have decided upon a new approach to blogging this year and feel that it will jive well with taking on a few challenges.

What is my new approach you may ask?  It’s simple.  I’ll read what I want, and review if and when I want in whatever manner I want. In other words no more pressure to write up a long critical review.  If all I feel like is jotting down a few sentences about how the book made me feel…I’ll post that!

So in a way I’m hoping I’ll actually review more…even if those reviews are not “typical.” So here we are.

I’ve avoided Ashley @ NoseGraze’s handy dandy Reading Challenge Plugin in the past because it seemed more like a review challenge plugin than a reading challenge plugin. In other words (if I understand how it works correctly) it can only track books you review…while I take reading challenges to be about what I’ve read…whether I review or not. Obviously I am not talking about challenges where the review is part of the challenge like the Blogger Shame or Netgalley Challenges.  I am talking more about Genre Challenges etc.

Hopefully though, by giving myself permission to write shorter review…I can accomplish both!

So what challenges have you guys joined? And do you consider challenges met if you haven’t reviewed the book?

2016 Goodreads Challenge

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13 responses to “2016 Reading Challenges

  1. I only did the Goodreads challenge last year, but this year I have signed up for several different ones. I’m doing these to motivate myself to clear some of my TBR list and to also socialise with others doing the challenges. So this year I’m doing the Audiobook Challenge, the Aussie Author Challenge by Booklover Reviews, the Charity Reading Challenge by Becky’s Book Reviews, and I’m doing my own quarterly challenge as well plus the Goodreads one. By the way, I totally agree with your sentiments about reading what you want and when and whether or not you review those books and in what manner you review them! I’m going that way too after I’ve read my current author request list and the blog tours I signed up for are over. 🙂
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  2. I am notoriously bad at challenges too and so I don’t sign up for them anymore. I do the Goodreads challenge and the audiobook challenge and that’s it. No pressure, no commitment. I hope you exceed all your challenge goals this year!

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