2017 Reading Stats

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2017 Reading StatsWow! Where did 2017 go? I somehow managed to meet and exceed my Goodread’s goal of 100 books! Even though I was an inconsistent blogger at least I was reading!

How’d I do it?  I read a lot of short stories and novellas in December! LOL

Here are some statistics from last year.

2017 Totals:
  • 107 Titles Read
  • 25,807 pages read
    • 0-150 pages: 23 (24%)
    • 151-300 pages: 21 (21.9%)
    • 301-500 pages: 50 (52.1%)
    • 501-800 pages: 2 (2.1%)
  • 10,146 minutes listened
    •  4-8 hours: 1 (8.3%)
    •  8-15 hours: 8 (66.7%)
    • 15-25 hours: 1 (8.3%)
    •  25-40 hours: 2 (16.7%)


Longest Title:

  • Culinary Delights: Four Delectable Foodie Romances (589 pages)

Longest AudioBook:

  • 11.22.63 (1844 minutes)

Shortest Title:

  • The Crown Epilogue (9 pages)

Shortest Audiobook:

  • Dark Life (425 minutes)


Though I did read about 500 pages more than my average in December, the number of titles looks disproportionately high because I read a lot of novellas and short stories. I was trying to close out a few series and there were quite a few prequels and shorts for a number of series that I was able to knock out. In addition I also read a few Holiday novellas 🙂



This graph is a bit deceptive as it rounds up, thus 2.5 & 3 stars are added together, 3.5 & 4 stars etc.  Looking at this though, I must either choose the right books to read or I am just an easy grader! LOL



This is a very general breakdown. And it won’t total 107 as some books fall under multiple genres.  My goal for 2018 is to definitely read more Cozies and more Magical Realism.



I didn’t read much Middle Grade last year, but I am pretty evenly split between Young Adult ad Adult.



Clearly I don’t need to worry about reading more female authors!!



Although I do not have stats from 2016 to compare with, I know for sure that I read a lot more print that year. I contribute this to the fact that I did most of my reading in 2017 “on-the-go”  (or sneaking it in at work) thus mostly eBooks.



I really made a concerted effort last year to try to catch up on some Series reads. I think I succeeded but I also started quite a few new series (17% of my series reds) so I am still so far behind!    66 of the 107 Titles I read were for Series – and I closed out 17!



This pie chart better demonstrates the length of the Titles I read last year. For reference this is how I break them down:

Short Story:  1,000-7,499 words (3-26 pages)

Novelette: 7,500-17,499 (27-62 pages)

Novella:17,500-40,000 words (63-144 pages)

Novel:  40,000-109,999 (145-399 pages)

Epic: 110,000+ (400+ Pages)



Also pretty evenly split between backlist titles and 2017 titles…


How did you guys do for 2017? 


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29 responses to “2017 Reading Stats

    • Melissa

      It is so annoying Christy…I am in the middle of at least 50 series LOL and that is after finished 17 last year. Some I gave up on and may never go back to, but it didn’t help that I started like 11 new ones last year!

  1. I like that in the pages category you split it up to show how many books you read in each one! I have a feeling that my 0-100 page category would be quite high because I also read a lot of short stories and novellas this past year! Lol. And my ratings graph looks pretty much the same as yours! I actually thought to myself, man I really know how to pick books I like! That or I’m just a high rater, too, lol!

    P.S. Can I ask where you made your graphs, because that gradient across the bar graph is gorgeous! Lol
    Liliana recently posted…Bookish Stats of 2017!My Profile

    • Melissa

      I was really curious to see how that one would come out since I know I read a lot more short stories and novellas last year than I usually do!

      And I say that we are both just excellent at choosing our reads!

  2. I didn’t join Goodreads until August of last year, and I read 70 books. This year, I’m doing a big reading challenge, but it’s going to be number of pages read and not books read. I’m going to try to read 100,000 pages.

  3. These stats are awesome!! I love seeing the pie charts and all the numbers, too 🙂 YES, great job on reading backlists and series books. Those are sometimes so hard to make ourselves pick up when bright shiny books beckon.

    And I was the same way about reading and blogging. I might not have been blogging much but I was reading 🙂 Great goals for 2018!

    • Melissa

      Thanks Kristin. I was so proud of how many backlist titles and series reads I did! Just need to get back on track blogging. Last year was rough.

  4. 107 books is great! I don’t even know how many I read, isn’t that sad, I guess I don’t use Goodreads properly lol. I didn’t read much MG last year either, even though there were quite a few that looked good to me. Oh well…

    Great job on the backlist titles too!
    Greg recently posted…Intrigue in CapriMy Profile

    • Melissa

      Greg, you definitely should be getting more out of goodreads! I also used a spreadsheet so I could track other stats. It was time consuming but worth it.

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