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Sharing the week’s bookish news and the books & bookish goodies that I’ve bought, borrowed, won, or been gifted and have added to my bookshelves over the past week!

(Inspired by Mailbox Monday, IMM, Clock Rewinders and the like)

Notes From Melissa:

I can’t believe that it is July!! I hope that everyone celebrating the 4th of July had a wonderful time with family and friends and kept the meaning of the holiday close to their hearts.  Not much activity for me this week-I’ve been cutting a bit back on the blog this summer out of necessity due to extra time needed for work and family.

Hope everyone has a great week and don’t forget to enter my giveaway for 1 of 2 boxes of books:

A Young Adult Mystery Box filled with a mix of ARCs, Finished Copies and Signed Copies!!  And an Adult Mystery Box filled with a mix of ARCs, Finished Copies and Signed Copies!!  
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      What I Am Reading Today:

      • One Tiny Lie (Ten Tiny Breaths #2)  KA Tucker (audiobook)
      • The Light in the Ruins – Chris Bohjalian
      • We are Made of Stardust (Peaches Monroe #1) – Mimi Strong

        Added to the Bookshelf This Week:

        Clicking on book titles will take you to Goodreads.

        Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford 
        Audio free from YASYNC

        Meet Will Carter, but feel free to call him Carter. (Yes, he knows it’s a lazy nickname, but he didn’t have much say in the matter.)

        Here are five things you should know about him:

        1. He has a stuttering problem, particularly around boobs and belly buttons.

        2. He battles Attention Deficit Disorder every minute of every day unless he gets distracted. 

        3. He’s a virgin, mostly because he’s no good at talking to girls (see number 1).

        4. He’s about to start high school.

        5. He’s totally not ready.

        Join Carter for his freshman year, where he’ll search for sex, love, and acceptance anywhere he can find it. In the process, he’ll almost kill a trombone player, face off with his greatest nemesis, suffer a lot of blood loss, narrowly escape death, run from the cops (not once, but twice), get caught up in a messy love triangle, meet his match in the form of a curvy drill teamer, and surprise the hell out of everyone, including himself.

        Hidden Moon by K.R. Thompson

        Seventeen year-old Nikki Harmon knows that her life will never be the same. Forced to move after her father’s death, she was determined to keep what was left of her life together–even if she couldn’t get cell service.

        What she didn’t know, was that she would encounter mythical creatures in her quest to solve the mystery of the Trail Killer, and that she would be torn by her feelings for two very different guys.

        As she unearths the deadliest secrets of all…will she lose her heart to one of them?

        Or will she lose her life?

        That’s all for me this week!

        What new goodies have arrived on your doorstep?
        Leave me a link in the comments and I’ll come check out your post!

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        24 responses to “Added to the Bookshelf – 7/7/13

        1. northernplunder

          Oh! I keep forgetting to link up my audio books, I’ve been getting all the YA ones that from there too. Thank you for the reminder! I’ll have to do that next time round x)
          I hope you enjoy both your books 🙂

          My haul

        2. Don’t worry about cutting back a bit. Family, work, and real life need your attention, too!

          Hidden Moon sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

        3. I am so feeling the cover of Hidden Moon! I may or may not be a sucker for werewolves ;). Thanks for sharing and happy reading week!

        4. Quinn's Book Nook

          Ooo, you got one of the YASNYC titles. I’m going to get Grave Mercy in audio. I’m really excited for that one. But Carter looks good too. Enjoy all your goodies and happy reading 🙂

        5. Julie A Smith

          The Light in the Ruins – Chris Bohjalian – Are you loving it? It’s SO on my to-buy list!

        6. Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

          Ooh I’m jealous you have One Tiny Lie!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week!

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