Audio Book Review: Witch World (Witch World #1) by Christopher Pike

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Title: Witch World
Series: Witch World #1
Author:  Christopher Pike
Narrator: Justine Eyre
Reading level: Young Adult
Genre:  Paranormal Suspense
Length: 13 hours, 21 minutes
Release Date: November 13th 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Source: Publisher in exchange for an honest review
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Heading off for a weekend in Las Vegas with her friends, Jessie Ralle has only one worry: how to make it through the road trip in the same car as her ex, Jimmy Kelter. The guy she hasn’t come close to getting over since he broke up with her five months ago. The guy who’s finally ready to tell her why he did it, because now he wants her back.

Only, sometimes knowing why doesn’t actually make things better. Sometimes it leads to bigger, more terrifying questions.

Jessie discovers that she’s stumbled into a world where some people can do the impossible and others may not even be human. Are there really witches? Is she one of them? Armed with new abilities and shocked to discover an entire parallel world in which she and her loved ones co-exist, Jessie’s desperate to learn whom she can trust and whom she can’t—before it’s too late.

I’ll preface this review by saying that I’ve not previously read any Pike so I’ll be making no comparisons to his other work.

When presented the opportunity to listen to this novel, I jumped:)  I’d been seeing the book around the blogosphere a bit and had heard great things about Pike.  Plus…Witches…how could I resist.  I was not disappointed.

Pike builds an incredibly interesting, albeit complicated, world that we ever so slowly gain more insight and more knowledge of as the book progresses.  Although I must admit that aspects of the parallel “Witch World” universe absolutely boggled my mind, I was also immensely impressed with Pike’s creativity.  His telling rather than showing us most of this new world did seem to make the story move at a much slower pace than necessary, but for some reason I was fascinated enough by his creation that this fault didn’t bother me as much in Witch World as it usually does in other novels.

The characters are also equally complex and that is magnified by the fact that there are in essence two of each character and the two may be similar but are rarely identical – at least until some time after becoming “connected.”  Jessie is especially hard to read sometimes.  I was baffled by how easily she adapted and accepted her changing reality and begrudgingly admirous of how tough and brave she was under stresses that might have broken me.  And by the end, I was desperately worried for her…how far would she go…how much would she change to adapt to this new life? The secondary characters each add something important to the tale and to the emotional quotient.  Can Jessie really trust Jimmy again? Whose side is Russ really on? What is Al up to? And I totally fell for Kendor;)

The narration was by Justine Eyre was smooth and a believable voice as an adult Jessica.  As with all good narrators I became so drawn into the storytelling that I forgot the storyteller.

Despite the slow pace, the suspense kept me riveted to the story…I needed to know more about the characters, more about the world, and how in the world this would all end.  And then it didn’t end…LOL  I’ll certainly have my eyes open for Book 2!


4 out of 5 Timepieces


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7 responses to “Audio Book Review: Witch World (Witch World #1) by Christopher Pike

  1. I’ve never read any of Pike’s books but, like you, I do seem them around a lot!

    It’s great that the audio version was good to listen to and it sounds like a good book!

  2. I read Pike as a teen, obviously the much older stuff! And it definitely creeped me out, but I remember thinking some of them were a bit cheesy. Its crazy he’s still cranking out the books! Glad you enjoyed your first Pike experience!

  3. I started this audio, but it didn’t click for me. It just seemed kind of….I don’t know…..cheesy? But, I think I’ll give this another shot since you ended up liking it so much. Maybe it gets better. 😀

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