Book Review: Beyond the Misty Shore (Seascape Trilogy #1) by Vicki Hinze

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Title:   Beyond The Misty Shore

Author:  Vicki Hinze

Reading level:  Adult
Genre:  Paranormal/Romance
Size: 266 pages
Release Date:  October 14th 2011
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Stand Alone/Series: Seascape #1
Source: NetGalley

First Line:  “T.J. MacGregor tried to leave Seascape Inn, but every time he crossed the property’s boundary line, he blacked out.”

Summary (from GoodReads):

Marketing executive Maggie Wright and artist T.J. MacGregor are linked by a mysterious car accident that killed Maggie’s cousin, Carolyn, T.J.’s fiancée. When Maggie arrives on the Maine coast determined to get answers from T.J., she discovers a tortured man who is bound to the Seascape Inn by supernatural forces. Despite the tragedy that stands between them, Maggie and T.J. begin to fall in love, seeking answers and a healing spirit they may never achieve.


My Thoughts:

This was one of those books that has a great mix of genres …some romance, a paranormal element and a mystery….so much promise. Sadly it just wasn’t able to completely deliver for me on that promise. Although on the whole the book was enjoyable, the Seascape Inn and surrounding town delightful, the romance sweet and the paranormal elements mysterious…I just was left feeling unsatisfied.

The pace of the book seemed very slow.  Not a whole lot happens and when it does happen it seems drawn out and repetitive.  There were many points were I contemplated putting it down, but the mystery did keep me interested enough to hang on and I was rooting Maggie and TJ as a couple.

Speaking of Maggie and TJ: I really liked both of the main characters as well as the secondary character of the innkeeper…by the middle of the book I sort of wanted to strangle them all.  The romantic conflict seemed just way to drawn out for my taste…beyond the point where it was believable.  And the innkeeper’s insistence upon not meddling bordered on injury in my opinion. Thank goodness they seemed to come to their senses by the end and realize that they were meant to be together.

The paranormal aspect also completely puzzled me.  I could not for the life of me wrap my mind around the entity’s intent.  It seemed to go from goodnatured and helpful one chapter to malicious in the next. And how did were the entity and the effect of the house related?  I’m still not 100% sure.

I’m sure this book would appeal to those who like sweet romances with a punch of paranormal and don’t mind a slow pace.

Was it worth my Time?

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