Book Review: Point, Click, Love by Molly Shapiro

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Title: Point, Click, Love
Author:  Molly Shapiro
Reading level: Adult
Genre:  ChickLit
Size: 372 pages
Release Date:  December 20th 2011
Publisher: Random House
Stand Alone or Series: Stand Alone
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Summary (from GoodReads):

Best friends and fellow midwesterners Katie, Annie, Maxine, and Claudia are no strangers to dealing with love and relationships, but with online dating and social networking now in the mix, they all have the feeling they’re not in Kansas anymore. Katie, a divorced mother of two, secretly seeks companionship through the Internet only to discover that the rules of the dating game have drastically changed. Annie, a high-powered East Coast transplant, longs for a baby, yet her online search for a sperm donor is not as easy—or anonymous—as she anticipates. Maxine, a successful artist with a seemingly perfect husband, turns to celebrity gossip sites to distract herself from her less-than-ideal marriage. And Claudia, tired of her husband’s obsession with Facebook, finds herself irresistibly drawn to a handsome co-worker. As these women navigate the new highs and lows of the digital age, they each find that their wrong turns lead surprisingly to the right click and, ultimately, the connection they were seeking.

My Thoughts:
I don’t know that I have a whole lot to say about this one…it didn’t leave that much of an impression on me.

This book follows the ups and downs of four women as they use the internet as a way to escape or transform their lives.  One is a single woman looking for a sperm donor, another a divorced mother looking to get back into the dating scene, the third seeks excitement through celebrity gossip to escape her less than ideal marriage and the last lets her suspicions of her husbands online infidelity spur her toward her own.

The writing style flowed well and presented no problems but I don’t think that any of the women’s characters were as fleshed out as they could have been. Honestly I had a hard time relating to any of these women and the choices that they made.  The story line barely tied the four together and I feel that a lot of the scenes that were meant to be humorous just came across as sad and sort of desperate.

The story kept me somewhat entertained throughout yet at the end it really didn’t leave me feeling happy or satisfied.  I think it just wasn’t for me.

Was it worth my Time?



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