Book Review: This Strange and Familiar Place (So Close to You #2) – Rachel Carter

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Title: This Strange and Familiar Place

Series: So Close To You #2
Author: Rachel Carter
Pages: 272

Age Group: Young Adult

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Publisher: Harper Teen
ISBN: 978-0062081087
Publication Date: July 2nd 2013
Available Formats: Hardcover, E-Book

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In the second book of the So Close to You YA trilogy, Lydia Bentley has discovered that the conspiracy theories about the Montauk Project, the ones her grandfather had told her about all her life, were true all along.

The little town on Long Island really is the Area 51 of the east. Lydia’s hometown has been the site of government time-travel experiments since World War II. Among the “recruits” the Project has used as subjects in these experiments are two members of Lydia’s own family, and Wes, the boy she loves.

What is Lydia willing to sacrifice to save them?

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My Thoughts

This Strange and Familiar Place was a great follow up to So Close to You.  We delved a bit further into Wes’ backstory and  we were able to get a small bit of insight into how the changes that happened in So Close to You impacted the life Lydia is leading at the start of the sequel.

As with book 1, I must admit that I still had difficulty connecting with any of the characters.  They are all quite likeable and realistic but somehow just a little out of reach.  I felt for them and worried about them, but not as intimately as I would a character that really gets under my skin.

The plot once again, focuses on The Montauk Project, Lydia’s family, Wes, and  of course Lydia herself.  As the the book starts Lydia is struggling to adapt to the changed 2012 in which she finds herself and struggling to let go of all of her fears and questions regarding the project.  It doesn’t take long for her fears and reservations to be put to the side as she once again leaps feet first into danger and adventure, with the hope mistakes made in the past can be adjusted and that hope for the future exists for herself and Wes.

The prose flows and is easy to read. The plot follows a somewhat predictable yet still enjoyable arc…and we are left with many questions and quite the cliffhanger and the conclusion of the book.

Throughout I felt that there was just a little something missing here…chemistry with the characters perhaps. I also felt that the plot did not completely live up to its potential. All in all, Rachel Carter delivers a very satisfying sequel. It was a quick, and enjoyable read and I won’t hesitate to pick up the next volume in this series.

Was It Worth My Time?

A Very Solid 3.5 Timepieces!
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4 responses to “Book Review: This Strange and Familiar Place (So Close to You #2) – Rachel Carter

  1. AHh! Why another cliffhanger. This one sounds so promising. I don’t remember the first book for some reason so now I need to go research! Anyway hope you have a terrific holiday!

  2. Chemistry with the characters is missing you say? Then this is definitely nothing for me… I had the first book on my wish list since quite a while, but I’m not sure if this is for me…

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