Cat Thursday – So Close…to being outside…

Posted May 2, 2013 by Melissa in Cat Thursday | 13 Comments

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s) and then link up at the host’s site: The True Book Addict

It’s all for the love of cats! 

We have double windows in our basement..the original windows on the outside and the newer windows on the inside from when the basement was finished.  Piper loves these windows as they allow him a ground level view of the backyard…and he loves to sit in between the windows and feel like he is almost outside!

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13 responses to “Cat Thursday – So Close…to being outside…

  1. LOL. That cat is ready to get something!! My cat spazzes when he sees squirrels (did I even spell that right?) outside…:)

  2. Look at him Melissa! All wedged in between his windows:) Has he ever gotten stuck? I would absolutely be the person that crawled in a space like that (a bigger one obviously) and got myself stuck. I am awesome.

  3. Bea

    Aaaw, a window made just for cats. You got some good pics of him at the window and climbing in.

    Goof likes to sit on the window ledge and look outside. He watches the people, the cars, the birds and I like watching his head swivel as watches.

  4. Aww, that is a perfect spot for a kitty. Mine love perching on the back of my couch using the curtain as a little hammock to snooze and stare at the world going by.

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