E-Book Hoarding (1/6/17) – Freebies and Under $2.99 Steals and Deals #Kindledeal #Freebies

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Fall E-Book Hoarding

As most of you know by now…I am addicted to e-book freebies and sales. I hoard e-books like nobody’s business and I like to think that I have enough books stashed on my kindle to last me a lifetime. (In truth probably several lifetimes!) I always look for e-books under $3.00 because to be honest…if it costs more than that, I’d rather just buy the paperback! I was doing my monthly..ok weekly..search for cheap e-books and I had such a hard time choosing which ones to buy! I was amazed at how many great books were out there to be had for so little.

So I decided to periodically share some of my finds with you guys! Click on the cover to check the books out on Amazon. I’ll repost some titles as long as they are still on sale. Keep in mind that some of these may be full length books, some only novellas…and that I have not read them all so unless I specifically recommend a title, I am only bringing the sale to your attention.

Also pricing changes constantly on Amazon so please confirm the price before buying!!

Recommended Reads

Middle Grade

Young Adult

Cozy Mystery




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9 responses to “E-Book Hoarding (1/6/17) – Freebies and Under $2.99 Steals and Deals #Kindledeal #Freebies

  1. Like you I hoard ebooks. I have started filling a second Kindle with ebooks. I also have close to 5000 unread books in my office. I have enough for several lifetimes. I pass on all print books as soon as I read them but more keep showing up. I love freebies as if it doesn’t spark my interest, it’s gone and I’m on to the next possibility.

    • Melissa

      I know…I try to focus at the start of each month on what I ‘need” to get read bu I am always sidetracked/derailed by myself! lol

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