Excerpt, Interview & Giveaway: Seashells, Spells & Caramels (Spells & Caramels #1) by Erin Johnson

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Excerpt, Interview & Giveaway: Seashells, Spells & Caramels (Spells & Caramels #1) by Erin Johnson

Hi Guys! I’m so happy to be participating in this fun tour for Seashells, Spells & Caramels. I just read this last week and thoroughly enjoyed it! If you like lighthearted paranormal cozies…this book is for you!

About Seashells, Spells & Caramels
Excerpt, Interview & Giveaway: Seashells, Spells & Caramels (Spells & Caramels #1) by Erin JohnsonTitle: Seashells, Spells & Caramels
Series: Spells & Caramels #1
Author: Erin Johnson
Publication date: October 29th 2017
Target Audience: Adult
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Length: 286 Pages
Find It: Goodreads
Buy It: Amazon

Imogen’s spent her twenties in Seattle, saving every penny and missing every party, to follow her dream of opening her own bakery.

When that dream goes up in flames, she accepts a spot in a mysterious baking contest—one she doesn’t remember entering. She travels to a bustling, medieval village off the coast of France and discovers an enchanting world of magic and mystery, and learns that she, too, possesses powers.

Unable to so much as cast a spell, Imogen struggles to keep up with the other witches and wizards who have come from all over the magical world to the Water Kingdom's big competition. She juggles relationships with a sweet new friend, a snarky baking fire, and a brooding, handsome baker. As Imogen falls for this bewitching world, she fears she won’t master her magic in time to win the job of Royal Head Baker, and will be forced to return to the shambles of her non magical life.

It only gets worse, when a competitor drops dead in the middle of the big white baking tent, and Imogen’s the prime suspect. Now, she’ll not only have to survive the vampire and psychic judges, but also clear her name by finding the real murderer, before they strike again.

With a killer on the loose, a missing prince, and the Summer Solstice Festival fast approaching, Imogen will have to bake like her life depends on it- because it just might.

Author Interview

1. If you could live a day in the life of a fictional character, who would it be?
Kiki, from Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. One, I’d be a witch and could do magic, and two, I’d get to fly around on a broomstick and live above a bakery- perfect!

2. What is your all time favorite book? And what books are currently on your nightstand?
The Harry Potter Series…or Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I also love everything by Sarah J. Mass. I’m currently reading Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison- really witty and fast paced- love it.

3. If you weren’t an author, what would your dream job be?
This totally is my dream job, but back up dream job…let’s say travel blogger.

4. Do you read and/or comment on reviews?
This is my first go around, so we’ll see…but I’m planning on reading them. I love knowing how people reacted and as long as the review is constructive, I think I can learn a lot, even from people who might not love it. I won’t be commenting though, unless someone reaches out to me.

5. What is one question that you hear too many times during interviews? And a question that you wish someone would ask?
Well, this is my first interview, so I really couldn’t say!

This or That?
1. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction
2. Novella or Tome? Tome
3. Cover or Synopsis? Synopsis
4. Bookstore or Library? Bookstore
5. Pen or Pencil? Pen
6. Hardcover or Paperback? paperback
7. E-book or Audiobook? E-book
8. Science Fiction or Paranormal? Paranormal
9. Stand Alone or Series? Series
10. Bookmarks or Dog Ears? Bookmarks


Chapter 3—Rehearsal Dinner

“You’re late.”

I whirled to find Victoria standing in front of me. I smoothed my hands over my dress
and stood straighter, blowing my bangs out of my eyes. “Victoria. Hi.”

Her blond locks cascaded over her shoulders in perfect curls, her shimmery golden
cocktail dress matching her flute of champagne. She glanced at the table behind me.

“Dinner’s about to start and you’ve barely begun setting up.”

“Right. Well….” I considered explaining what my whirlwind of a day had been like.

From rushing to the store to buy ingredients, edible flowers, and more cupcake carriers,
to baking three different batches of batter till I got it right, to decorating a cake and eighty
cupcakes, to transporting it all by myself across town. Once I’d arrived at the mansion,
I’d made four separate trips up and down the slippery stone pathway that led from the
street to the manicured garden out back. But one look at Victoria’s on-edge expression,
and I held my tongue. I tried to change the subject, lighten the mood. “This is…
incredible, so beautiful.”

Her arched brow pulled higher. “You’re here as staff. The beauty is for the guests to
enjoy. Get to work.”

I burned with annoyance. “Right, will try my best not to enjoy the beauty.”

I unpacked a carrier of cupcakes, setting an edible flower atop the cream cheese
frosting of each one. The cake table sat at the back corner of the peaked white tent, a little
removed from the guest tables, the string quartet, and the dance floor. Victoria edged
closer, speaking out of the corner of her mouth. “My parents divorced when I was five,
you’d think they could figure out how to be in the same five-hundred-foot radius of each
other. But no, I have to play go-between.” She heaved a great sigh as she scanned the tent
and lush garden beyond it. “Ugh, and Ben’s psychic grandfather isn’t even here yet.”

Without thinking, she picked up one of the little white-topped cupcakes and scooped a
fingertip of the frosting into her mouth. I watched her reaction with trepidation, biting my
lip. She closed her eyes and sighed. No longer speaking, she peeled away the crisp white
wrapper and took a huge bite of the little cake, a soft moan escaping her lips. I opened my
mouth to tell her a white frosting mustache lined her upper lip, but she tilted her head
back, closed her eyes and let out a low groan. My cheeks grew hot, and I debated if I
should interrupt my boss’s sensual encounter with my cupcakes to let her know that an
old man with bushy white brows stood a few feet away, watching her. When he cleared
his throat and Victoria startled, I pretended to be engrossed with arranging flowers on the
cake. The old man took a few steps closer. He held out a hand, and when she offered
hers, he held it to his lips instead of shaking it. My brows lifted. I didn’t know anyone
actually did that.

“You must be Victoria.” His voice rumbled deep from inside his chest. He wore a
deep blue velvet suit, and his eyes twinkled.

“And you are?” Her tone walked the fine line between civil and icy.

The old man chuckled. “Why, I’m Ben’s grandpa, Arthur.”

I sucked in a breath and sensed Victoria stiffen next to me. The psychic diplomat
grandpa she cared so much about impressing?

“Of course!” Her voice went up an octave. “Silly of me, of course. So good to meet
you, I’ve heard so much about you.”

“I’m sure you have.”

The silence stretched on too long, and I glanced over my shoulder. Victoria’s blue
eyes blinked rapidly, and she opened and closed her mouth several times while her
fiancé’s grandpa watched, his head cocked to one side, a bemused grin twisting his lips.
Finally, Victoria spat out, “I’m sorry, when you walked up, I was just testing the
baked goods. I wanted to make sure they were up to stand—”

The old man cut her off with a wave of his hand. “I like a person who can truly enjoy
themselves now and then, you know?” He smiled at her, his eyes twinkling under his
bushy brows. “I’ll leave you to your taste testing, but I’m glad to have met you and look
forward to getting to know you more in the future.” He turned to go, but paused and eyed
the cupcakes strewn about the table. He raised his eyes to mine. “May I?”

I smiled. “Of course, sir.” I’d only had time to place flowers on top of some of them. I
searched one out and handed it to him.

gave me a nod. I watched him wander off a few steps, peel back the wrapper, and
take a bite. He then stopped and turned back to me, a question on his face. He cocked his
head to the side, opened his mouth to say something, then glanced at Victoria and seemed
to think better of it. He gave me another nod and wandered off toward the tables. What
was that about? I watched him disappear into the crowd.

Victoria turned, her face blank with shock. “He said he wanted to get to know me
better… in the future… as if… there will be a future, with me and Ben.”

I smiled. “I think you’re in.”


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About Erin Johnson

A native of Tempe, Arizona, Erin spends her time crafting mysterious, magical, romance-filled stories that’ll hopefully make you laugh.

In between, she’s traveling, napping with her dogs, eating with her friends and family, and teaching Pilates (to allow her to eat more).

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