Going to BookExpo America?? Let Me Know!!

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I am so excited to be going to BEA for the first time this year!  I just found out today that I’ll be able to get off work for all three days!! And since I live in NJ, I’ll just be hopping on the train and commuting in each day…much cheaper than worrying about a hotel!  I’m trying to figure out what to wear and bring.  I know that I need to buy some sort of small rolling suitcase to check at the convention center.  My luggage is too large! 

I bought my Fiance a Power Readers Pass for Thursday so I’ll be dragging him along on that day to see what all the fuss is about:)  Also it will be great to have an extra person to wait in lines if there are two awesome signings in the same time slot!

I’m also trying to figure out a schedule of which authors/publishers are “must sees” and which are “hope to sees.”  I’m trying not to stress too much as I assume it will be mayhem on the floor, schedule or no!  I’ll also be attending the Random House Power Readers Breakfast on Wednesday morning!

So, do any of you have tips for my first time attending?  And are any of you going to BEA this year?? Attending the Power Readers Breakfast??

Let me know so I can keep an eye out for you and if you’d like to try to meet up…shoot me an email:)

PS: This is what I look like when I’m not a garden filled with books and cats ;P

At the Brooklyn Book Festival 2011 with Diana Gabaldon

I’ll post my tentative schedule here when I’ve finished it…

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14 responses to “Going to BookExpo America?? Let Me Know!!

  1. Have fun. I won’t be going this year, I couldn’t get the time off ;-(

    I was so excited, too… guess I will have to come and read the updates. I have a badge, so I might be able to fly be for an hour on Wed and Thu, but who knows.

    I would take a roller bag. Luggage is too wide and it keeps you from certain areas, especially after it gets heave with all the goodies 😉

    Have a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll get together in October for ComicCon.

    I’m so jealous right now. I will be about 10 minutes away from Javits Center *sigh*

  2. I’m going to BEA this year for the first time, and I also live in NJ and will be commuting in every day! I haven’t decided if I’m going to drive or take the train yet though… It should be an interesting experience, haha

  3. I’m going to BEA too! Staying with my sister in Manhattan, so am really excited. I kind of have a schedule, but not sure how it will all go! Kind of nervous, but have set out my “must” meets and my 2nd choice, etc. Hope to see you there!

  4. I am SOOOO jealous! I hope you have a blast- which I am sure you will. I wish I was able to attend this year. Hopefully next year. I can’t wait to hear ALL about it! 🙂

  5. I’m from NJ too, but plan on taking the ferry. I’m bringing my regular suitcase with me, as it only costs $3 per day for the suitcase corral. Saw huge bags as well as carry-on size, so up to you if you want to buy a new suitcase or not. It’s nice because you can drop books off throughout the day.

    Am curious how people are getting from the Random House breakfast to BEA? Bus, cab, or subway?

  6. I’m attending for the first time as an author with a debut memoir (so I’m doubly nervous!). Stop by to see another first-timer: I’ll be at the Sourcebooks booth Weds. from 10 to 11 signing “The Dog Lived (and So Will I)” (which, I’m thrilled to mention, was picked by Publisher’s Lunch as one of the BEA Buzz Books! And yet, I still fear no one will stop by the booth…so please do.) At least you don’t have the “what to pack???” concern. But it’s all going to be fantastic! I look forward to meeting as many folks as I can. Enjoy your trip.

  7. I’m so jealous! One of these days I’ll go hopefully! Like when my kids are older. My friend Sara is going though (real life friend) and she’s really tall with Ariel red hair. So if you just randomly see her you can say “oh that’s Candace’s friend!” Lol. No I’m sure you’ll be distracted by all the awesome going on!

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