Guest Post and #Giveaway: Dark Corner (A Witch Cat Mystery #2) by Vicki Vass

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Guest Post and #Giveaway: Dark Corner (A Witch Cat Mystery #2) by Vicki Vass

Vicki Vass Guest Post – My Eclectic Reading List

I’d like to thank Melissa for hosting me today. I am very excited to be here and I love the word “eclectic.” I always describe my music playlist as eclectic as it ranges from country to folk to pop to rock and back again. I think of my reading list the same way, a seemingly unconnected variety of choices from fiction to nonfiction back to fiction.

I thought I’d share with you some of what I’ve read recently or want to read. My to-be read bookshelf at home stretches three shelves and then there is a growing pile on my nightstand. I recently finished If the Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss. It is the story of a backwoods Appalachian girl. I was hooked from the very first sentence and enjoyed this glimpse into mountain life. My husband and I moved to Greenville, South Carolina, last year and are at the foothills of the Blue Ridge.

From there I moved on to the new John Grisham book, The Reckoning, which I am mid-way through and enjoying though it may not be quite as suspenseful as his other novels.

After a visit to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, I picked up Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Gray based on recommendations from some of my dinner companions. It is an accounting of the general’s wife’s long relationship with a slave. I have not started it yet but am looking forward to it as I tend to be a large fan of historical fiction.

Also on my bookshelf are some books meant for research including Brilliance and Fire: A Biography of Diamonds; the Last Castle about the Biltmore Estate; the Salem Witch Trials and A Lifelong Passion about Czar Nicholas and his wife Alexandra. I also have an account of the Trail of Tears, the forced march of the Cherokee from North Carolina to the west. All these subjects are intriguing to me and find their way into various plots of my cozy mysteries. My Gem Hunter seeks rare stones and has a Russian background and my witch cat mysteries are set in Asheville, North Carolina, near the Biltmore Estate.

Other books on my shelf include a variety of selections from the recent PBS Great American Reads survey and represent novels I have never read including One Hundred Years of Solitude, Snow Falling on Cedars and Ready Player One. I purchased these books as I visit resale shops, book fairs and antique stores. They sit on my shelf until I am ready to crack their spine.

I’ve tried to organize my to-read shelf but haven’t quite devised a plan. As I obtain more books, I move others from my nightstand to the shelf waiting their turn. Now the shelves are crowded and there is no room for more. So we ordered more bookshelves for our family room and intent to fill it with a wall of books similar to the wall in my office.

What are you reading? How do you organize your books? How do you decide what to read next?

About Dark Corner
Guest Post and #Giveaway: Dark Corner (A Witch Cat Mystery #2) by Vicki VassTitle: Dark Corner
Series: A Witch Cat Mystery #2
Author: Vicki Vass
Publisher: Tedeschi Publishing
Publication date: October 9, 2018
Target Audience: Adult
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Length: 109
Find It: Goodreads
Buy It: Amazon

Evil has awoken in Asheville, North Carolina, and Terra Rowan must prepare the Ladies of the Biltmore Society for battle. With her familiar, Pixel, a crooked leg fluffy orange cat, and her apprentice Abigail Oakhaven, a stubborn teenage girl with a bloodline dating back to the beginning of time, she begins their journey. The witch hunters have come to the Appalachian Mountains in search of the last witch of Salem. The magic of the mountains can no longer protect her and her coven. She must travel to the one place on earth that holds the secret to save mankind – Dark Corner.

Combining elements from different cultures, Appalachian folklore, Celtic legends, Native American mysticism, Dark Corner continues its new witch mythology while staying true to the realm of cozy mystery.

Terra Rowan is a witch trapped between worlds and lost in time.


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About Vicki Vass

Vicki Vass traded in her reporter’s notebook to pursue her passion of writing cozy mysteries. Her Antique Hunter series was a finalist in the 2016 Mystery & Mayhem contest. Bloodline is the first book in the Witch Cat Mystery series.

Vicki has written more than 1,400 stories for the Chicago Tribune as well as other commercial publications including Home & Away, the Lutheran and Woman’s World. Her science fiction novel, The Lexicon, draws on her experience in Sudan while writing about the ongoing civil war for World Relief.

She lives in the Chicago area with her husband, writer and musician Brian Tedeschi, son Tony, Australian shepherd Bandit, kittens Terra and Pixel, seven koi and Gary the turtle.

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