Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway: His Lass Wears Tartan by Kathleen Shaputis

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Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway: His Lass Wears Tartan by Kathleen Shaputis

This High Tea sounds like the perfect way to pass the time while we wait for the next season of Outlander!!

About His Lass Wears Tartan
Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway: His Lass Wears Tartan by Kathleen ShaputisTitle: His Lass Wears Tartan
Author: Kathleen Shaputis
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Publication date: June 20, 2016
Target Audience: Adult
Genres: Comedy, Paranormal, Romance
Length: 185 Pages
Find It: Goodreads
Buy It: Amazon|B&N

From IBPA Benjamin Franklin silver award-winning author Kathleen Shaputis comes the much-anticipated sequel to Her Ghost Wears Kilts.

Independent Rogue Bruce enjoys running a Scottish bed-and-breakfast with her Aunt Baillie from America. They specialize in hosting romantic Elizabethan-themed weddings, complete with their resident ghost, Lord Kai. But love is something Rogue is not the least bit interested in. Content with her work, she requires no male accompaniment for happiness.

Then Bruce MacKenzie, a Greek God clad in plaid and denim, suddenly begins bringing more than the usual amount of deliveries from town, while Jonathan Olson, a roguish Rhett Butler type, arrives at the castle to teach a writing seminar to aspiring authors. With two men after the heart she’d thought safely locked away, Rogue is torn. But when things start to take a sinister turn, danger befalls Rogue and those dear to her.

Will true love triumph and save the day?

A Winter Solstice High Tea

Are you suffering from Droughtlander, the long stretches between seasons of the Outlander series on cable? I am, though I’ve verified my clan heritage through a DNA process from the Internet so the tug of foggy moors is in my blood. Despite global warming, the chill of approaching winter up here in Olympia, Washington calls for more modern layered clothing and fingerless gloves than my kilted ancestors. The days ever shorter until the solstice on December 21, celebrating the longest night of the year with a festive high tea is definitely in order.

How many of you gathered your dolls or stuffed animals around a small table or picnic blanket serving “tea” from a miniature porcelain or plastic tea set? Now imagine such an affair with high back wooden chairs, plates of scones, various finger sandwiches and fresh fruit. The dainty, delicious tidbits of food accompany the aroma and taste of the pot of brewed tea set next to your adult-size china cups and saucers.

Decorate the white table cloth with short pine boughs and holly branches, whether fresh or synthetic depends on your surroundings, and attach bows of red and green plaid ribbon. Add strings of battery-operated miniature light to brighten the center piece. Shop your local thrift stores or antique shops for linen napkins of holiday decoration or a compatible solid color. Also check out their china section for delightful cup and saucer pieces. An expensive matched set does not have to dent your holiday budget.

Lifting a cup of tea with pinkie outstretched, you may find it difficult to imagine a muscular man of beauty across the merry table wearing a kilt. But such are the dreams of fantasy, aye? Originally the story line of His Lass Wears Tartan had the hand-fast wedding of Lord Kai and Baillie happening on the winter solstice. Savor the concept of romance on the longest night of the year over a pot of tea and sweet cakes.

~~Kathleen Shaputis

Excerpt from His Lass Wears Tartan

Movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Rogue paused her step and watched
Jonathan stride down the east stairs, regal in motion, dressed all in black, drawing attention to his tanned face and striking beard. He’d released his hair, the wild, dark waves now decorating his shoulders and a few strands in front of his face. Rogue’s heart skipped a beat as she watched a less trimmed Rhett Butler of the twenty-first century hold court with his phone against his ear.

He caught her looking and spoke a bit louder. “Let me call you back,” he said before shoving the phone in his pocket. “Ah, princess, indeed, you waited for me. I am truly touched at your purity of service.” He pressed a manicured hand to his heart.

Rogue stiffened as her body betrayed her with a rising warmth. “I dinna realize you were not already at tea, Mr. Olson.” Rogue denied herself the delicious feel of his stare by looking away first from the brooding face now inches away from her own.

“Only fashionably late, my dear, but first a more pressing issue took my attention. Business may beckon me twenty-four/seven, but your voice is like a siren’s song to my heart.”

“Your arrogance precedes your charm, sir.” She refused to step back and give ground, yet she could smell a citrus scent, feeling the heat from his body this close.

His lips tightened as his eyes flashed. Jonathan moved slowly, deliberately, as he circled around her, appraising her dress. “Excellent,” he whispered. He stopped a degree to the right of where he started, forcing her to turn her head to face him.

Rogue made fists with her hands, trying to control an unnatural response to touch him, the air
surrounding her, thick with testosterone. “What?” The question came out stiff, foreign.

“You.” His warm breath caressed her cheek, making her blink. She waited for him to continue.



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About Kathleen Shaputis

Kathleen Shaputis lives in the glorious Pacific Northwest with her husband, Bob, a clowder of cats and three pompously protective Pomeranians with little social aptitude, Brugh, Bouncer and Jazzy. When not writing, she’s busy reading and watching romantic comedies, her ultimate paradise.

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  1. Kathleen Shaputis

    Thank you ever so much, Melissa, for having me as a guest on your site. Get title for your blog, I love the word eclectic! Just fills your imagination with all sorts of things.

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