Interview & Giveaway: A Knit before Dying (Tangled Web Mystery #2) by Sadie Hartwell

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Interview & Giveaway: A Knit before Dying (Tangled Web Mystery #2) by Sadie Hartwell

About A Knit before Dying
Interview & Giveaway: A Knit before Dying (Tangled Web Mystery #2) by Sadie HartwellTitle: A Knit before Dying
Series: Tangled Web Mystery #2
Author: Sadie Hartwell
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: August 29, 2017
Target Audience: Adult
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Length: 288 Pages
Find It: Goodreads
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A new business might add some much-needed charm to downtown Dorset Falls—and draw tourists to Josie’s yarn shop. But when someone gets murdered, a close-knit community could come undone . . .

Shop owner Josie Blair is finally settling into the pace of living in Dorset Falls, Connecticut. Between running Miss Marple’s Knits, jumpstarting a blog, and handcrafting items with the help of her knitting pals, Josie’s too preoccupied to worry about her past in New York. And thanks to Lyndon and Harry, the owners of the brand new antique shop across the street, she has another project in her midst—repurposing a box of vintage crocheted doilies adorned with the most curious needlework . . .

But before Josie can formally welcome her neighbors, she discovers Lyndon stabbed to death by a rusty old pair of sheep shears on the floor of his shop. Police have pinned Harry as the killer, but Josie isn’t so sure. Now, she’s lacing up for another homicide investigation—and no eyelet or stitch can go unexamined, lest she herself becomes ensnared in the criminal’s deadly design . . .


1. If you could live a day in the life of a fictional character, who would it be?
Easy peasy: Amelia Peabody Emerson. She always speaks her mind and nearly always gets her own way, is fearless, drinks whiskey and eats whatever she wants without worrying about her diet, has thrilling adventures, is independently wealthy, and she lives with the hunkiest of all husbands, Radcliffe Emerson.

2. What is your all time favorite book? And what books are currently on your nightstand?
My all-time fave is Jane Eyre. Every time I reread that book I love Jane more. She’s no victim even though it seems like she’s constantly getting dumped on—she’s a survivor and she’s also a feminist in many ways. On my nightstand currently are Sue Grafton’s Y is for Yesterday; The Pool of St Branock by Philippa Carr/Victoria Holt; If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins; and Salvation in Death by J.D. Robb.

3. If you weren’t an author, what would your dream job be?
I have a whole list of nonauthor dream jobs. How much time do we have, LOL?! But I’ll name a few: archaeologist; English or history professor; museum conservator; linguist studying ancient languages; one of those sculptors who can recreate faces from just skulls; knitting shop owner; party planner.

4. Do you read and/or comment on reviews?
I read all the reviews I can find! Whether someone loves or hates the book, I want to know what people are thinking. And nice reviews keep me writing sometimes when I don’t feel like it. However, I never, ever comment on any review, and I can’t imagine a situation where I ever will. I think it’s better for authors to stay out of that completely.

5. What is one question that you hear too many times during interviews? And a question that you wish someone would ask?
Honestly, I don’t mind any questions I get during interviews as long as they’re not too, too personal, too political, or asking me to talk about someone else’s secret. And I don’t mind answering the same questions over and over again. But I do wish someone would ask whether I prefer they gift me a beach house in Maine or Hawaii—assuming someone really COULD gift me a beach house, LOL!

This or That?
1. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction, of course! Although, I will tell you I was a history major in college and I do sometimes enjoy a biography, humorous memoir, or books having to do with life in times gone by. If there’s an archaeological or anthropological element involved, sign me up!
2. Novella or Tome? These days my personal reading time is very limited (see #7 below), so I do appreciate novellas, and I’m more likely to try out a new-to-me author if I don’t need to make a huge time investment in deciding whether I like the writing or not. But I will happily read tomes from my favorite authors, even though I can’t get through them as quickly as I used to.
3. Cover or Synopsis? My decision whether or not to read a particular book is always based on the synopsis—always. Covers rarely influence me unless it’s absolutely dreadful.
4. Bookstore or Library? Hmmmm. This one’s tough. I love both for different reasons. I think I’m going to go with library, but only because the village I grew up in didn’t have a bookstore, so the library was my first love.
5. Pen or Pencil? Pen! I really, really dislike pencils. I’d rather cross out mistakes in ink than erase with a pencil. Is that weird?
6. Hardcover or Paperback? I like both, but if I have to choose I’d say paperback. I do a lot of typing and paperbacks are lighter and more portable.
7. E-book or Audiobook? Audiobook. Not that I don’t also read e-books. But since my personal reading time is actually very limited, audiobooks are a great choice for me. I listen while I do dishes and other housework, and when I’m out walking. A story makes every boring task more enjoyable.
8. Science Fiction or Paranormal? Paranormal. I have nothing against sci-fi, and I’ve read and edited some for other people, but I’m really not too interested in the mechanics of space elevators and hypersleep and that sort of thing. And time travel makes my head spin because no two theories of time travel have the same rules. I occasionally like to read urban fantasy and I’ve read The Lord of the Rings. I don’t mind vampires, elves, zombies, etc., but I prefer a good ghost story.
9. Stand Alone or Series? Generally, I prefer a series—if there’s enough story to sustain it, I always want to know what happens later and I love revisiting characters and settings again and again. However, with a standalone, I’m perfectly happy imagining my own sequel.
10. Bookmarks or Dog Ears? You know the only correct answer here is bookmark, right? You just gave me the shudders.


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About Sadie Hartwell

Sadie Hartwell grew up near the Canadian border in northern New York State, where it’s cold, dark, and snowy almost half the year—a perfect environment for nurturing a simultaneous love of mystery fiction and needlework. She attended St. Lawrence University, graduating with a degree in history, and has worked as a waitress, handbag designer/manufacturer, paralegal, and copy editor before turning to writing full time. Now she gets to play with yarn and make up stories whenever she wants, and wishes everyone had a job as much fun as hers.

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15 responses to “Interview & Giveaway: A Knit before Dying (Tangled Web Mystery #2) by Sadie Hartwell

  1. Dianne Casey

    Love the cover! Cats and knitting just seem to go together. Enjoyed the description of the book and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  2. Ooh I love a good cozy mystery. Fun interview!! I like pens over pencils too. I just think it looks nicer – though I suppose I should invest in some more pens that erase. LOL


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