Interview & Giveaway: Langston’s Daughters (The Lockwood Legacy #1) by Juliette Harper

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Welcome to my tour stop for Langston’s Daughters by Juliette Harper. This is an adult contemporary mystery that is also very focused on family, small town and ranch life as well as some clean romance. This is the first in the series. It is appropriate for ages 16+.

I love small town reads – especially those about sisters:) Hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about Langston’s Daughters and Juliette Harper. And don’t forget to enter the $100 giveaway at the bottom!!

The Interview

If you could live a day in the life of a fictional character, who would it be?

RW- Since “Juliette Harper” is the pen name for a writing duo, we’ll answer some of these questions in two voices. This is Rana Williamson on the keyboard and Patti Pauletti chiming in from the next desk over.

If I could live the day in the life of a fictional character, I’d pick Sherlock Holmes. I’d prefer it not to be the day he has to deal with the Hound of the Baskervilles. That story still creeps me out even though I’ve read it hundreds of times. Holmes was the first eccentric I fell in love with, and I’d like to inhabit that mind space in the London of his time and really find out – was he more Basil Rathbone or more Robert Downey, Jr.?

PP-Patti picked a real person who created a marvelously fictional world and then lived in it, Beatrix Potter. “She had the ability to create a completely different reality and submerge herself in it until she became a character in the story. As a writer, that’s how I’d like to effortlessly live each day with the people I create.”

What is your all time favorite book? And what books are currently on your nightstand?

RW-Without question, my favorite book is Gone with the Wind. I stopped counting sometime around the 50th read. Right now I’m reading The Life of Emily Dickinson: My Wars Are Laid Always in Books by Alfred Habegger and I just finished Hugh Howey’s Sand.

PP-Patti picked Anna Karenina and she’s currently re-reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.

If you weren’t an author, what would your dream job be?

RW-If I weren’t writing for a living, I’d go back to my previous job as a college professor. Then I taught history, but now I’d love to teach comparative mythology.

PP- Patti, who is an accomplished classical pianist, would love to score music for films.

Do you read and/or comment on reviews?

We’re agreed on this one. We read reviews, but we don’t comment on them. Nobody wants to feel a couple of over-anxious authors are looming to pounce on their readers.

What is one question that you hear too many times during interviews? And a question that you wish someone would ask?

People ask us all the time how we write. We don’t have any problem sharing ort ideas on that subject, but too often the reason people are asking is because they want to apply whatever we’re doing to their own writing. Now, we’ve been guilty of the same thing, but we’ve learned the hard way that you have to stay true to yourself. We’ve both been teachers, so we know that no two people learn the same way. No two people write the same way either.

You need to know yourself so you can find what works for you. We’re both always amazed when we read that a writer does a particular “thing.” But even as we have that “wow” moment, we know the method or habit wouldn’t work for us. The same principle applies to the fact that we are a team. We really admire how Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child work together, but we don’t try to make their process our own. Even with two of us, there are bad days when we can’t produce a comprehensible sentence to save our lives. There is no magic pill to make writing happen.

It would be far more interesting for us if readers asked how the people and places we create change us. We develop strong attachments and relationships with our characters, so that each time we come back to write the next phase of the tale, we’re different authors. The second book in our series, Baxter’s Draw, came out on February 8, 2015. We are just not the same authors we were when we wrote the first book, Langston’s Daughters, which came out in November 29, 2014. The experience of writing that has us incredibly primed to get the third one, Alice’s Portrait, finished because we know our people now in vastly different ways and, odd as it may sound, they know us. If our characters aren’t talking back to us, we know we’re doing something wrong.

This or That?

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Rana – Both, but probably more fiction.
Patti – Fiction

We agreed we both go through phases.

Novella or Tome?

Rana – Both
Patti – Tome

It’s exciting to see self-publishing resurrecting fiction of all lengths.

Cover or Synopsis?

Rana – Cover
Patti – Synopsis

It’s probably fair to say of us both that the cover catches our eye and then we have to find a good synopsis, but I’ll buy a book based on the cover if it’s really something knocked out.

Bookstore or Library?

Rana – Bookstore
Patti – Bookstore

We both love libraries, but there’s just something about a shelf full of books!

Pen or Pencil?

Rana – Fountain Pen
Patti – Pencil

I’d love to commit to a nice sharp pencil, but the lure of an antique fountain pen is too strong.

Hardcover or Paperback?

Rana – Paperback
Patti – Hardcover

We went back and forth on this one. Hardbacks have become “keep for a long time” books because paperbacks are so much more affordable when you have the addiction!

E-book or Audiobook?

Rana – E-book
Patti – E-book

I want to add a disclaimer to this one. I let my Kindle read to me all the time, so I’m really doing both at once!

Science Fiction or Paranormal?

Rana – Paranormal
Patti – Paranormal

(Shhhh! We’re working on a paranormal series.)

Stand Alone or Series?

Rana – Series
Patti – Series

No argument here. When we fall in love with characters, we want to keep them in our lives.

Bookmarks or Dog Ears?

Rana – Bookmarks
Patti – Bookmarks

Dog ears? {Double shudder.)

The Book

Title:Langston’s Daughters
Series:The Lockwood Legacy #1
Author: Juliette Harper
Target Audience: Adult
Genre: Contemporary | Mystery | Romance
Length: 156 Pages
Formats:Paperback, Ebook
Release Date: December 3rd 2014
Publisher: Skye House Publishing s
Add It: Goodreads
Buy It: Amazon | Barnes and Noble (Nook) | Smashwords | Kobo


Kate, Jenny, and Mandy. Langston Lockwood’s daughters. His tyranny drove them away. His suicide draws them home. They inherit his land, his millions, and his mysteries. Meet the women of the Rocking L and the men who come into their lives. Together, they begin the journey to discover the truth about The Lockwood Legacy. From the pain of the past they find the strength to build a dynasty.


The Author

Juliette Harper is the pen name used by the writing team of Patricia Pauletti and Rana K. Williamson. Like the characters of their debut series, The Lockwood Legacy, Juliette is a merging of their creative energies.

Pauletti, an Easterner of Italian descent, is an accomplished musician with an eye for art and design. Williamson, a Texan from a long line of hardheaded Scots, knows the world of the Lockwoods like the back of her hand.

“We decided to write under a pen name because neither one of us by ourselves could have created Kate, Jenny, Mandy, and their world,” says Pauletti. “Juliette is a little bit of us both. We want to be her when we grow up.”

“Patti teases me that I just don’t want to own up to writing a book with romance in it,” Williamson adds, “but that’s not true. I like the Lockwood women and the way they tackle everything life throws at them. And before we’re done, they’ll be ducking a lot. I imagine coming into the office every day and saying, ‘Okay Juliette, what’s going to happen now?’ She tells us, and we get it down on paper.”

Connect with the author:  Website | Twitter (@jharperbooks)

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36 responses to “Interview & Giveaway: Langston’s Daughters (The Lockwood Legacy #1) by Juliette Harper

    • Rana here typing for “Juliette.” Since I’m from Texas and Patti is from Massachusetts, we get a good laugh about those days when I tell her “‘I’m in a shoot-a-Yankee-on-the-staircase mood’ present company excepted.” LOL

  1. nicole dziedzic

    Love the interview questions, great ones here, especially the one about living as a fictional character, so many to choose. Great answers though!

  2. erinf1

    congrats to Juliette on her newest release! this looks and sounds awesome 🙂 thanks for sharing such a fun spotlight!

  3. Robin in NC

    Even though their dad was a tyrant, what a sad way for the sisters to reunite. I am anxious to learn about their lives & The Lockwood Legacy! I really enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing Melissa, Rana & Patti.

  4. I can get into this book. Holy cow! It reminds me of a really cool mini series. Im so happy you featured it here today.
    Its already on my WL. Strike that I just went and bought it from your Amazon link. Its on my kindle. I have to have the strength to not read it before i finish my current book.
    fran recently posted…Love,Lashes, and Lipstick by Mally RoncalMy Profile

  5. lori faires

    Great interview!! Langston’s Daughters sounds like a good read. It’s on my TBR list. Blessings & thanks to All.

  6. Melody Gonser

    I enjoyed learning about you both. I am glad I stopped by to read your interview and learn about Langston’ s girls. The story and area touches familiar areas in my memories. It was a different time. I appreciate the tone of your story. I was wondering if it drives you crazy when it’s called a romance when it embraces so much more?
    Thank you for your giveaway and your time.

    • Hi Melody,

      This is the Rana side of Juliette typing, but I think I can speak for us both. The genre thing drives me crazy and Patti agrees it’s limiting. Unfortunately there’s a lot of pressure to put a book in a genre. I love the fact that we are so cross genre, but then when we publish, we have to fill in those required “boxes.” I’m not big about staying inside boxes. LOL

      There’s a whole lot more to this story than romance, a fact that’s even more evident in Book 2, Baxter’s Draw, which is now available, and in the third one we’re finishing, Alice’s Portrait. I think we’re writing about lives spent in a very particular part of the world and how that carries into the experience of some different but closely related people.

      So glad you’re enjoying the books and seeing the developing depth of the story!
      Juliette Harper recently posted…Where is The Lockwood Legacy Going?My Profile

  7. Mike Kozseluha

    I’m so glad I found this author – perfect reading for a good friend of mine – now my birthday shopping is done for her – thanks !!!

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