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Novel Notions is a new feature where I’ll discuss whatever bookish thoughts (ie. Novel Notions)  I have running through my head.  As of now I’m not planning to schedule it regularly but rather just post as ideas  organically come to me!  I’m hoping that you guys will join in on the discussion either by simply commenting below or running with my idea and linking up a post on the subject at some point during the upcoming week.

Today, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can work audiobooks into my reading schedule even more than I presently do.  As of now, I only listen to books while commuting to and from work.  As you can imagine, it can take quite a while to make it through a book if this is the only time devoted to it.  Especially if it is a long book like my favorite read/listen of 2011 Justin Cronin’s the Passage which is over 750 pages.

Right now I am listening to Across the Universe by Beth Revis and much as I was happy not to be commuting in today, I can’t deny that I wished I could have listened to more of the book!  I miss it on weekends!

I know that a lot of others have indicated that they listen while:
1.  Doing household chores (I plan to try to start doing this!)
2.  Working out (If I worked out I’d do so as well…my bigger issue here is not exercising enough! lol)
3.  Blogging/web surfing (Too distracting for me..I can’t read and listen at the same time)
4.  Working (Wow…some folks are lucky…I wish I could read at work!!!)

I also have to admit to one other concern…I worry that even though I don’t sense a difference…perhaps I am not as aware behind the wheel while I am listening while driving?  If I can’t read or web surf while listening, if I try not to talk or text while driving, does that mean that I shouldn’t be driving and listening either?  
Let me know what you guys think!

Do you listen to audiobooks?
When do you listen?  What activities do you find lend themselves to multitasking in this way??
And what do you think about listening while driving???

PS. I just read Cinder by Marissa Meyer (Check out my review here) and then found out that it was also available on audiobook.  I think that it would have been a great one to listen to as well.  Here’s a sample!

Cinder AudioBook Sample

Buy Cinder on audio 🙂
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17 responses to “Novel Notions – Audiobooks

  1. My relationship with audios is new. Before the birth of my daughter I started thinking audios would be more doable. And so far I am finding that to be true. I audio whenever I get a break. So far I’ve managed to do it when I’m cooking, cleaning, web surfing (not reading reviews or when visiting my favorite blogs because I get distracted reading), and doing laundry. I LOVE listening while driving. Finding time to sit down and read is becoming increasingly more difficult but I can audio through just about anything. Good luck! 🙂 Love this meme!

    • I really need to remember to get my mp3 player and listen while cleaning…I never think of it until I am in the middle of a chore and then don’t want to stop to go get it out of my coat pocket! I’m sure now that you are so busy with Baby Whimsy that audiobooks are key to getting any reading done!

  2. I don’t think there’s any huge danger to driving while listening to audio books, especially if you’re already a careful driver to begin with (which I’m sure you are!). If you have no problems listening to the radio or having a conversation while driving then I guess it should be ok to listen to an ebook.

    I was trying to get into listening to ebooks (for when I’m baking), and I bought one of those Percy Jackson books off iTunes. It keeps crapping out on me though. It’s only ever played once out of the 5 other times I tried it. Weird. So I think I’ll just go to the library and borrow a proper CD. ^_^

    • Well, that must be annoying. I listen on an mp3 player to books that I’ve borrowed from the library…I love it and it’s FREEEEEE! lol

      And I think that I am a safe driver but it does scare me sometimes when I pull into the driveway and can’t remember driving home…but rather remember the last scene in the book I’m listening to!

  3. As an audiobook blogger, it’s pretty apparent that I love audiobooks. I am one of the lucky few that get to listen while I am working, so that is the big reason I listen to as many as I do (I average around 15 audiobooks a month, and only like 2-3 print reads.)

    Outside of work and commuting, I like to listen when I am cooking, walking the dog, doing laundry and playing video games. I’ve actually heard of a few people who set up CD players in their bathrooms while they shower and dress. Being that I usually listen on my MP3 player, I don’t really do that. I can’t surf the web, or blog while listening, like you.

    As far as driving, I don’t really think it’s much more distracting then listening to music or talk radio. I’m pretty sure you are safe.


  4. I used to rlitsen to audibooks when I had to drive to work, now that I don’t anymore,I try listening to them while doing menial task but it just isn’t the same.

  5. What a great feature!! I love audiobooks, I just got started with them last year and realized they help breaking up the book blahs…:)I normally listen to lots of memoirs and nonfiction this way but Ive listened to some really fantastic fiction audios as well.

  6. I find that audiobooks take a bit more concentration for me to follow. Reading something goes much faster but trying to retain the thread of a story spoken to me, especially with no visual like the person speaking, is hard for me. I actually had to stop listening to audiobooks in the car after nearly getting in an accident. (A person cut another person off and three lanes of traffic slammed on their brakes to avoid hitting each other.) Other people said it’s like listening to the radio but I don’t think it is. You’re trying to follow a plot and retain information when listening to audiobooks while the radio is just noise you’re not really paying close attention to. Like you said, Melissa, not remembering the trip home is a bad thing!

    I do listen to audiobooks at work. I move paper and all I have to do is pop in my earbuds and I’m good. I also listen to podcasts the same way. My boss doesn’t mind since nobody but I can hear it and it doesn’t slow me down. I’ve only ever listened to fiction this way. I wouldn’t be able to remember anything from non-fiction through an audiobook. I’m way too visual. I’ve gone through some of the biggest books I’ve read through audiobook, including the Mists of Avalon. I’ve exercised, cleaned, and cooked while wearing my MP3 player. If you can find a speaker that you really like, an audiobook is awesome. (I’ve had to abandon an audiobook before because the speakers voice was just driving me nuts!)

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