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I’ve read the first in this series From Beltane Magic and absolutely loved it. 
You can see my review of From Beltane Magic here!  
I’ll be reading books II & III as soon as I can.  So I can heartily recommend this series if you like paranormal romantic suspense…Jacqueline’s style reminds me a lot of Nora Roberts!

The Book:

Harvest Dreams
Book III in the Magic Seasons series
By Jacqueline Paige

Step into a world of magic and passions….
Take a dash of spice, heat it
Add a flash of magic and watch the sparks fly
Toss in a killer that’s targeting women
Add a handful of witches from all paths to stir it all together…

Rachel is a woman that lives carefree with a buoyant recklessness. She loves being a flirt and has spent many years indulging that side of her personality. Her energy draws others; her character is to protect all those that cannot protect themselves.  When she’s not riding on life, she is helping children less fortunate then herself. 

Steven is man that gives more than his energy usually allows.  He is a highly respected pediatrician that always goes that extra step to ensure all in his care are receiving his utmost attention.  He often sacrifices sleep to spend time with his friends, and he can’t seem to help affably chasing the skirt of the one woman that breaks his easy going charm and makes him forget he’s supposed to be the jovial.  He hides his strength in body and magic, never letting others know that he is more than the carefree man with everything he needs.   

Armed with magic and a plan for the Lammas festival as a group they are determined to stop the killer from harming anyone again.  With a plan of his own, Steven decides he’s done waiting for Rachel to see that they’re meant to be together and takes things into his own hands.


When they were well out of sight Steven stopped and looked
back towards the cabin. 

hissed out a breath as he looked around. “This should be far enough.” He looked
at the trees overhead and then to the ground. 
“How do you want to do this?”  He
sent him a wary look.  “Who are you going

Steven rubbed his jaw. 
“Not Kasey, she’d just zap my ass and I’d probably have burn
marks.”  He noted the pride in Chris’s
eyes as he tried not to smirk.  “I’m
going to aim for Rachel or Leena, definitely not Cora.  If she so much as made a sound, Dade would
thump me into the ground.”

Chris grinned.  “And
you don’t think Owen would?”

Steven shook his head. 
“Leena wouldn’t let him.”  He let
out a deep breath and then held up his hands, palms facing Chris.  “Here goes nothing.”  He closed his eyes and took slow breaths as
he reached deep inside to the magic he held tightly within his body.  He felt it climb through him and warm his
skin.  When Chris’s finger tips touched
his, he felt a powerful boost to the magic gathering. 

He pictured Rachel inside his mind and focused on her for a
few seconds, testing.  A heat spread
through him as he felt the connection to her aura pass over his own.  He searched for the way into her thoughts and
felt her mind click open as if he’d turned a lock.  Taking a deep breath he concentrated

His hands shook until he felt Chris funnel some of his own
power into the sight he was trying to grasp. 
He could see all of the women and a multitude of colors as they moved
around inside the cabin.  He could feel
nervousness and anxiety.  Furrowing his
brow his held onto the link as it started to change.  He couldn’t sense what it was now, it had
somehow changed quickly.  It was as if …

A blast of power shot through him and sent him sprawling to
the ground.  His hands were burning
suddenly and it felt like he’d been hit across the head with something made of
stone.  He opened his eyes slowly and
looked up at the leaves on the trees above him. 
Lifting his head carefully he looked around and spotted Chris lying flat
on his back as well.

“We are in a lot of trouble, Doctor.”  Chris sounded out of breath.

“Yeah,” he agreed and then turned his head towards the
steps coming from the direction of the cabin.

The Author:

I’m a world class multi-tasker, a mother to five adventurous and unpredictable children, a cafe manager that thrives in the chaos and have a colossal imagination that allows me to step outside of reality and into a world of paranormal romance – with just a touch of suspense. 

My first book was published in 2009 and since then have had six published, with the most recent being the first in my Hidden Senses Trilogy – Mystic Perceptions and Salvation and Twice Cursed.

The Giveaway:

The Magic Seasons Contest

It’s only fitting to
begin the collection of entries on Beltane

Phase one:

From Beltane (April
30th) to Summer Solstice (June 20th)…
A winner will be
drawn to receive From Beltane Magic (PDF or Print)

Phase two:

From Summer Solstice
(June 20th) to Lammas (August 1st)…
A winner will be
drawn to receive The Solstice Heat (PDF or Print) and a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at time of draw)

Phase three:

From Lammas (August 1st)
to Mabon (September 22nd)…
A winner will be
drawn to receive Harvest Dreams (PDF or Print), a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at
time of draw)
a bag of swag

Phase four:

From Mabon (September
22nd) to Samhain (October 31st)…
A winner will be
drawn to receive An Autumn Dance (PDF
or Print), a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at time of draw), a bag of swag
and of course Halloween related goodies
Phase five:

From Samhain (October
31st) to Winter Solstice (December 21st)…

(Covers for book IV and V are
unavailable at this time)

A winner will be
drawn to receive Winter’s Mist (PDF or Print), a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at
time of draw),
a bag of swag and a basket that is a chocolate/coffee
lovers dream.
Five chances to win!

All entries received are placed back in the draw after each phase.  You could win once, twice or more!

The shipment dates for copies of books
4 and 5 may vary from the draw dates as the release dates are still unconfirmed
with publishers release schedule. If at the time of the draw they are as yet
unavailable an alternative choice will be given to the winner if they decide
not to wait.

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  1. Hi! I seem to have missed the draw for book 1, making it tricky to win subsequent print copies. However there’s a chance for gift certificates too, so I’m all over that! 🙂

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