Review Copy Cleanup [Challenge 2] – Cuddle Up With a Book

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The goal of the Cuddle Up With a Book Challenge is to share your favourite place to read. We love pictures – but if that’s not possible, a description will do too (: Tell us why you love it! And maybe you have some reading habits you would love to share. Do you listen to music while reading? Or can you only read during the night? We’re very curious to see our fellow bookworms’ reading spots and read about their customs!

My favorite reading space is my couch.  I curl up in the corner with a cup of tea (or hot chocolate) and a good book and am happy for hours.  If I need any incentive to read faster, I just look across at the shelves flanking my television armoire and see all the books that I need to read!!
I also love snuggling up with my kitty and reading a chapter or two before bed every night. I wake up bleary eyed in the morn but it is worth it:)
Sometimes, I even read at my desk in the guest bedroom/office.  Most of my books are kept in here so it handy and keeps me organized!
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18 responses to “Review Copy Cleanup [Challenge 2] – Cuddle Up With a Book

  1. Love your shelves! And what is it with readers and their cats? Everyone seems to have one. Though I can’t because I have three turtles, don’t want them gobbled up by a kitty.

    Your couch looks very comfy.

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