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This Friday’s Question:

Gateway Books: Which particular books opened you up to a new genre? 

I‘ve always been a very eclectic reader since I was a teen so this isn’t the easiest question for me!  Taking a trip down memory lane however sounds like fun.  PS I’m going to address both genres and reading levels a bit:)

Mystery:  The book that I learned to read on in Kindergarten and that not only set me on the path of being a lifelong reader, but also solidified by love of Mysteries.

Crime/Detective Fiction:  In the middle school I discovered Holmes and was forever lost to the character that Sir  Arthur Conan Doyle created.

Romantic/Historical/Suspense:  In the high school I discovered Victoria Holt and this trifecta of genres and was sold.  I haven’t picked up one of her books since HS–I wonder what I would think of them now…

Historical Fiction/Romance:  At the same time that I discovered Holt in the HS library, I also discovered Barbara Cartland.  I’m sure that I would cringe if I read one of her books now…but I devoured them in HS.

Fantasy:  In my early 20’s I stumbled upon Terry Brooks and the Shannara series and fell in love with his style, characters and the genre.

Middle Grade/Fantasy:  In my late 20’s, Harry Potter taught me more than words can express.  Included in that was the fact that I could still read Middle Grade lit and love it!

Thriller:  In my early 30’s I stumbled upon Dean Koontz and I’ve been devouring him ever since. I love how his books show the extremes of humanity…the best and the worst in all of us.

Young Adult:  And now in my mid 30’s, I’ve actually started reading a bit of YA and in particular Dystopia.  Wither was the book that taught me that it was OK for an adult to read YA:)  I’m finally reading The hunger games now.

What books influenced you to read new genres?

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18 responses to “T G I F (6) -11/4/11

  1. I still have a special place in my heart for the Nancy Drew books. I collect the series, up until today, because the mysteries are always so fascinating 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love your new design!

    I’ve always been an eclectic reader so it’s hard to know what led me to what. But I did read a lot of mystery as a teen cause that’s what my mom read and I pretty much read whatever was around. I think The Mists of Avalon might have been the gateway to fantasy and historical fiction {even though it’s not REALLY historical, it just has that feel} and that was in my early 20’s. Then a few years ago I joined shelfari and that introduced me to YA. And now that’s my preferred genre but I still read a large variety of books.

  3. I’m an eclectic reader too. I’m not even going to tell you how old I am, but I just discovered the Shannara books and am having so much fun! I’ve also been enjoying some YA fiction in my mid-life 🙂

  4. I don’t think I ever actually grew out of YA! There was definitely a point when I realised I preferred adult books, but if I liked the sound of a book, I’d pick it up whatever age group it may have been aimed towards. These days, I don’t look for “age” fiction, I just look for books that intrigue me.
    Once Upon A Time

  5. It’s definitely okay for an adult to read YA! I
    m holding onto that. I can’t imagine myself not reading at least a little YA in the future, so I’m keeping that motto.

  6. I loooved Nancy Drew when I was younger, I still like to reread some of my faves every now and then. I have Sherlock Holmes in my TBR pile, I really need to get to it soon!

  7. totally off topic… coz I can’t recall where I saw that you’re reading The Hunger Games. How exciting is it!? I’m just starting to read Mockingjay. I’m currently out of town and I’m supposed to be spending time with friends but can hardly do anything else but read the trilogy! Heehee! 😛

  8. I love Nancy Drew! And my Gran used to read Barbara Cartland sometimes…that’s what got my mom into romance novels, haha, though she doesn’t have any Cartland anymore. 😛

  9. When I left home for college, I stopped reading for about three years. I remember my mom sent me a copy of Harry Potter and it shifted from dorm room to dorm room for about three years until I finally picked it up. And promptly went out to buy the rest of the books in the series. So I credit HP for getting me out of that awful three-year slump!

    Thanks for grabbing the HFJ button, Countess of Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf!

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