Teaser Tuesdays – The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

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The Book

Title:  The Ghosts of Heaven
Author: Marcus Sedgwick
Age Range:  Young Adult
Genre: Historical Fiction | Science Fiction
Length: 336 pages
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press | Macmillan
Publication Date: January 6th 2015
Available Formats: Hardcover, E-book
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A bold, genre-bending epic that chronicles madness, obsession, and creation, from the Paleolithic era through the Witch Hunts and into the space-bound future.

Four linked stories boldly chronicle madness, obsession, and creation through the ages. Beginning with the cave-drawings of a young girl on the brink of creating the earliest form of writing, Sedgwick traverses history, plunging into the seventeenth century witch hunts and a 1920s insane asylum where a mad poet’s obsession with spirals seems to be about to unhinge the world of the doctor trying to save him. Sedgwick moves beyond the boundaries of historical fiction and into the future in the book’s final section, set upon a spaceship voyaging to settle another world for the first time. Merging Sedgwick’s gift for suspense with science- and historical-fiction, Ghosts of Heaven is a tale is worthy of intense obsession.

My Teaser

“Doctor. We are lunatics here. All of us. What hope is there for any of us? Do you know how many people ever leave here on their own two feet, restored to equilibrium? Or should I say, how few? We are those who are without hope. But when I read, I see, in just one or two faces, the return of something more noble….It is their soul, crying for peace. It appears in their eyes, like a ghost surfacing, crying for help. And then, when I stop reading, the mad waters rush in, and wash it away once more.”

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