TGIF (5) -10/21/11

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This Friday’s Question:
Book Blogs That Make You Smile: 
Pick 5 book blogs you visit often & think others should, too.

There are so many book blogs that I adore and visit frequently…here’s a sampling!

1.  Books and Movies  – Carrie reads mostly adult with a bit of YA and I think that her tastes match mine pretty well…plus she turned me on to Wendell Berry!! I know that if she recommends it…I’ll like it.

2.  Books, Biscuits, & Tea – Vicky’s got a great new blog and a love of Mysteries and Chick-lit that I share.  She’s also super friendly and sweet!

3.  Tales of Whimsy – Juju shares my love of Magic and Witches.  Her reviews are short, sweet and super informative.

4.  Candace’s Book Blog – I love how Candace tells it like it is.  I know that I can trust her reviews because I know they truly are honest.  Plus she keeps me young (ie. in the know for YA reads!)

5.  Bewitched Bookworms – Aside from great content and giveaways…I must admit that I just love how gorgeous this site is.   Sweet and simple…they have a button and signature for everything all in a gorgeous black, grey and pick calligraphy theme!

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9 responses to “TGIF (5) -10/21/11

  1. WOW! Thank you SO MUCH! I’m so glad that you enjoy my blog and feel like you can trust my reviews. That’s very important to me! Thanks for making my night! Sorry, I didn’t get on today until now (and twitter wasn’t giving me my mentions) so I wasn’t ignoring you, I promise! It actually worked out cause I was feeling all frustrated but then got on and saw so many nice things by people, it really perked me up!

  2. Thank you so much, Melissa – you made my evening! 🙂 I’ve been enjoying your blog as well, although I probably don’t comment as much as I should. I have subscribed to you through my Google Reader and so when I’m short on time, I might not click over – but I am reading!

  3. You have some great blog picks! I have heard of a few of them (the last three) and I think they are awesome! I will certainly need to check out the other two blogs!

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